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Final spurt! Today we set off on the eighth and penultimate stage of the DOLOMITES WITHOUT FRONTIERS mountain and via ferrata circuit.

2 countries – 9 stages – 12 via ferratas – 17 huts – 108 kilometres

The 12 via ferratas connect Italy and Austria. Each one is special: either from a historical or an alpinistic point of view.

If you click on the picture, you can see the whole map:

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So today we present to you the eighth stage.

Stage 1 – Rifugio Lunelli – Rifugio Berti/Rifugio Carducci you find here.
You can get to stage 2 – Rifugio Carducci – Dreizinnen hut – this way.
Click here for stage 3 – Dreizinnen hut – Zsigmondy hut.
Stage 4 – Zsigmondy hut – Rotwandwiesen

Stage 5 – Rotwandwiesen hut – Berti hut
Stage 6 – Berti hut – Oberstansersee hut
Stage 7 – Obstanserseehütte – New Porzehütte

Stage 8 – New Porzehütte – Filmoor-Standschützenhütte

Route length7,7 km
Altitude2.589 m
Duration6:00 hours
Recommended seasonJuly till October

Route description

Almost the entire eighth stage leads along the course of the border on the Carnic ridge as it was drawn after the 1st World War. It is therefore emblematic of the DOLOMITES WITHOUT FRONTIERS project: along the path you will repeatedly find relics from the times of war and today you can be all the more pleased and must appreciate the fact that you can hike and climb here along the border without controls and without the risk of being arrested.

So let’s set off on this historic stage:

Well rested and with a delicious breakfast in the Bauh, you follow trail 172 from the Porzehütte. This leads up to the Tillicher Joch at 2,094 m, where you cross the border to Italy. Now follow the old war road until you reach the turnoff to the Austria Trail (no. 172), which leads away to the right.

The via ferrata starts at the foot of the rock face, first leading southwest through the rock bands and then in a wide arc to the west. It goes over scree-covered rock bands and gullies up to the south ridge. Across alpine meadow you reach the summit of the Porze at 2,589 m.

Continue along the “Traversata Carnica” to the Porzescharte at 2,363 m and then enter the via ferrata Corrada D’Ambros along the border to the west. 

The via ferrata (B/C) leads westwards over ridges and jags. Old tunnels and caverns from World War I line the path. Along a rocky ledge and then over a ladder, the route climbs steeply up to the ridge. Some of the ridges have to be climbed directly, some have to be avoided. Over the summits of the Cresta della Pitturina you reach the Filmoor height. From there you can descend to the Filmoor-Standschützenhütte.

There you can take a rest before the last stage!

Many greetings

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog

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