DOLOMITEN ohne Grenzen - Etappe 4

We are approaching the halfway point: today we are embarking on the fourth of a total of nine stages of the DOLOMITES WITHOUT FRONTIERS mountain and via ferrata circuit.

2 countries – 9 stages – 12 via ferratas – 17 huts – 108 kilometres

The 12 via ferratas connect Italy and Austria. Each one is special: either from a historical or an alpinistic point of view.

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So today we present you with the third stage.

Die Etappe 1 – Rifugio Lunelli – Rifugio Berti/Rifugio Carducci findest Du hier.
You can get to stage 2 – Rifugio Carducci – Dreizinnenhütte – this way.
Click here for stage 3 – Dreizinnenhütte – Zsigmondyhütte.

Also, the geht’s!

Stage 4 – Zsigmondyhütte – Rotwandwiesenhütte

Route length9,1 km
Altitude2.650 m
Duration6:00 hours
Recommended seasonJuly till October

Route description

Compared to the first three days, the fourth day of the via ferrata tour is relatively relaxed and, with a walking time of about secchs 6 hours, not too long. Today the trail leads us from the Zsigmondy Hut via the well-known alpine trail (difficulty A/B) to the Elferscharte and from there to the Rotwandwiesen, where the Rotwandwiesen Hut and the Rudi Hut are located.

From the Zsigmondy Hut, follow trail no. 10 in a southerly direction. After a short while, the alpine trail no. 101, dolomite trail no. 9, branches off to the left. The Alpinisteig (B) is not so much a via ferrata as a narrow hiking trail that was painstakingly carved into the rock by the Alpini during the First World War. It leads along the wall on a ribbon and is secured in some places. The view is absolutely spectacular, but in early summer you have to be careful, as there is still ice and snow in some places (including the unsecured ones).

You now pass a small ice lake and hike up between Hochleist in the north and Monte Giralba di Sopra in the south, where you reach La Stada at 2,526m.

Now continue northwards via the easy via ferrata (C). You pass the historic “Salvezza Band” and continue to the Elferscharte. Always follow the signs until you reach the Rotwandwiesen meadows. There you will find the Rotwandwiesenhütte and the Rudi Hut. In late summer, when there is no more snow, you can also reach the Rotwandwiesen via the Sentinella Scharte.

And very important: don’t forget to bring your slippers, they are compulsory at every hut.

Many greetings

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog

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