Dolomiten ohne Grenzen - Die Etappe zur Dreizinnenhütte

Today we present you the second stage of the very special mountain and via ferrata tour DOLOMITES WITHOUT BORDERS.

Based on the idea that the Dolomites should not be a barrier but a place of gathering and friendship, the project “DOLOMITES WITHOUT BORDERS” was launched.

2 countries – 9 stages – 12 via ferratas – 17 huts – 108 kilometres

A high-altitude trail consisting of 12 via ferratas connects Italy and Austria. Each via ferrata is special: either from a historical or alpinistic point of view.

If you click on the picture, you can see the whole map:


We would like to introduce you to the 9 stages in the next few weeks to inspire you for your next South Tyrol holiday.

Die Etappe 1 – Rifugio Lunelli – Rifugio Berti/Rifugio Carducci findest Du hier.

So today we set off for the next stage.

Stage 2 – Rifugio Carducci – Dreizinnen Hut

Route length9.5 km
Altitude2.405 m
Duration6:00 Stunden
Recommended seasonJuly till October

Route description

The first stage of the Via Ferrata DOLOMITES WITHOUT FRONTIERS was very demanding and ended at the Carducci Hut, which serves as an overnight base.

The second stage takes you from there via the via ferrata “Croda Dei Toni” along the Zwölferkofel with a difficulty of B/C. The absolute centrepiece of the Croda Dei Toni is an extremely spectacular suspension bridge – a super beautiful and particularly airy passage. You then descend to the Büllelejochhütte via the Alpinisteig 1915/1918. Here you can then choose where you want to spend the night – in this case, the path to the Drei-Zinnen-Hütte is indicated.

But now it finally starts…
Starting at the Carducci Hut, you keep to the south and follow trail 107 to soon enter the via ferrata “Croda Dei Toni” with difficulty level B/C. It was built in 2015 and offers a good alternative to hiking trail 107. This was built in 2015 and offers a good alternative to trail 107. It was deliberately not built as a pure sport via ferrata. The route leads along the easiest path through the already extremely spectacular rock faces.

At the beginning, you are still in quite fragile terrain, but on the south side of the Zwölfer it soon becomes much more compact. The two rope bridges – at the beginning and at the end – as well as some quite airy sections please every via ferrata walker.

Arrived at the A. T. De Toni bivouac, you now follow the Alpinisteig 1915/1918 in a north-westerly direction. A special feature of this section is that it leads over a mountain staircase that was built 100 years ago to the Büllelejochütte.

Now keep to the left and follow trail 101 over the Büllelejoch to the Dreizinnen Hut at 2,405 m. Please be sure to make a reservation in advance of the tour.

What you certainly don’t need when staying overnight in a hut is a herbal pillow. You sleep in the middle of natural alpine meadows, surrounded by the valuable powers of the herbs and plants that grow there. For a restful and deep sleep in your bed at home, we highly recommend the herbal pillow with alpine hay flowers.

Many greetings

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog

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