Puree from South Tyrolean “Keschtn” – chestnut puree


It is the ideal side dish for autumnal dishes and goes perfectly with red cabbage and homemade dumplings, for example: The chestnut puree.

Chestnut picking is simply part of autumn, and in addition to delicious chestnut soup or roasted chestnuts, chestnut puree is also one of the dishes that end up on our table in autumn.

Here’s how to make a wonderfully creamy chestnut purée (for four people). First of all, you need the following ingredients:

500 g chestnuts
1 medium boiled potato (from the day before)
125 ml cream (whipped)
125 ml vegetable stock
100 ml milk
25 g South Tyrolean butter
1 tbsp brown sugar
freshly grated nutmeg, salt and pepper

First of all, the chestnuts have to be cooked. To do this, score the skin crosswise with a sharp knife to prevent the chestnut from bursting open during cooking. Then they are cooked in a pot for about 20 minutes until the chestnut flesh is nice and soft. You can test this with a fork.

Pour the chestnuts into a sieve and let them cool a little before peeling them.

Meanwhile, caramelise the butter and sugar together in a high saucepan. Now add the chestnuts to the caramel and let them glaze for a few minutes, stirring constantly.

Now add the milk and vegetable stock and let everything simmer together for about five to seven minutes so that the caramel dissolves. Add the potato from the day before and puree everything with a hand blender to make a wonderfully creamy puree. You may need to add some stock or milk until the puree has the desired consistency. Now you just have to season it with salt, pepper and freshly grated nutmeg and fold in the whipped cream.

We wish you “an Guatn”!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom suedtirol-daheim.com Blog
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