South Tyrolean bacon dumplings – the classic

Südtiroler Speckknödel

They are the absolute classic of South Tyrolean cuisine: bacon dumplings. Nowhere else can you get such good bacon as here in South Tyrol. So today we have the perfect recipe for your South Tyrolean bacon dumplings.

To serve 4 people with bacon dumplings you need the following ingredients:

100 g finely diced South Tyrolean bacon
200 g Trenker dumpling bread
40 g flour
50 g stewed onions
2 tablespoons chives cut into fine rings
3 eggs
milk to taste
Salt and pepper

This is how easy it is to prepare South Tyrolean bacon dumplings:

First of all, mix the dumpling bread with the bacon cubes and the braised onions and add the flour. Then add salt, pepper and chives, as well as the eggs and a small sip of milk. Work everything into a smooth mass. This is best done with your hands. Now let your bacon dumpling dough rest for about 15 minutes before rolling it by hand into dumplings about 6 cm in diameter. Put the dumplings into boiling salted water and simmer for about 10 minutes.

The bacon dumplings go very well with a clear broth but also with a nice starter salad or as a side dish for the main course.

We wish you “an Guatn”!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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