The South Tyrolean “Palabir” pear and its festival

Die Palabirne - Südtiroler Genuss pur

The tasty and healthy rarity…

The Pala pear or Turkish pear has always had the reputation of being particularly healthy. In South Tyrol it is also known as the summer apothecary pear. Because a long time ago it was actually prescribed by doctors and pharmacists. In the west of South Tyrol, more precisely in Vinschgau, the Pala pear finds ideal conditions to develop its delicious aroma.

…from the Vinschgau Valley

Between the seven-towered Mals in Upper Vinschgau and the village of Kastelbell at the southern end, you can still discover old Palabirn trees in the sunny landscape. The large, gnarled trees often grow in the Hofanger, the last retreat of old apple and pear varieties.

A very speciality from the region is “Palabira-bread”, where dried palabirn slices are mixed into the bread dough.

The Palabir-markt in the Glurnser Lauben

Every year in September, the historical town of Glurns in the Upper Vinschgau is all about the Palabirne. On the occasion of the Vinschger Palabiratage, specialities around the old pear variety are tasted and sold. Visitors can expect traditional concerts, lectures and cultural walks.

This year it will be from 11 to 19 September. It starts with the market day on Saturday, followed by lectures, hikes and tastings and even a “Palabirschnitz hunt” for the whole family.

It’s worth a visit in any case!

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