The Helmhaus on the Helm summit 2433

The Helmhaus, also called Helmhütte, is located at an altitude of 2433 metres and is a former refuge of the Sillian section of the German and Austrian Alpine Club or a former border refuge of Italy. It lies in the middle of the mountain ridge between South and East Tyrol. The hut is totally dilapidated and its further use has been under discussion for several years. The ideas range from a new building to renovation to demolition and the construction of a war memorial at this historic site – namely in the middle of the Austrian-Italian state border, which was established after the First World War.

The Helmhütte on the Helm summit forms the beginning or end of the Carnic High Altitude Trail. It is also a popular vantage point for a breathtaking view of the South Tyrolean and East Tyrolean Dolomites and the main Alpine ridge.

If you want to climb up to the Helmhütte, there are various routes:

For example, you can take the Sesto cable car up and hike from the mountain station at 2,052 m along a former military road to the summit of the Helmet. You can also reach the summit from the mountain station at 2,045 m with the Vierschach cable car via the military road. Or you start from Sillian on foot or by car to the Leckfeldalm and from there via a footpath to just below the Sillianer Hütte (where I took the pictures) to the Helmgipfel. From Sillian/Kühstille you can also reach the Helmgipfel on foot via Hasslrauth and the Forcher Kaser.

Seeing the Helmhaus and Helmhaus summit in such magnificent light is a real #homemoment for me. Do you know it? It just makes your heart swell at the sight.

Many greetings

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