Dolomiten ohne Grenzen Etappe 7

Now we are already on the seventh of the nine stages of the DOLOMITES WITHOUT FRONTIERS mountain and via ferrata circuit.

2 countries – 9 stages – 12 via ferratas – 17 huts – 108 kilometres

The 12 via ferratas connect Italy and Austria. Each one is special: either from a historical or an alpinistic point of view.

If you click on the picture, you can see the whole map:


So today we present to you the seventh stage.

Stage 1 – Rifugio Lunelli – Rifugio Berti/Rifugio Carducci you find here.
You can get to stage 2 – Rifugio Carducci – Dreizinnen hut – this way.
Click here for stage 3 – Dreizinnen hut – Zsigmondy hut.
Stage 4 – Zsigmondy hut – Rotwandwiesen

Stage 5 – Rotwandwiesen hut – Berti hut
Stage 6 – Berti hut – Oberstansersee hut

Stage 7 – Obstanserseehütte – New Porzehütte

Route length12,6 km
Altitude2.296 m
Duration8:30 Hours
Recommended seasonJuly till October

Route description

The seventh stage of the via ferrata circuit takes you from the Obestanserseehütte via the Roßkopftörl and the via ferrata to the Große Kinigat with the symbolic Europe Cross. Then you descend to the Filmoor-Standschützenhütte and follow the Karnischer Höhenweg to the Porzehütte.

So let’s go!
From the Obstanserseehütte, hike east on trail 403 to the Roßkopftörl and continue towards the Tscharrhütte. There, keep to the right and a little later you will reach the entrance to the via ferrata on the Große Kinigat.

The via ferrata leads up to the large Europakreuz at 2,689 m with few iron steps and a lot of climbing on friction. The pure climbing length is 650 m, so the tour should not be underestimated. Once you reach the summit, you will be rewarded with a fantastic view over the Carnic ridge.

Here, too – shortly below the summit and further on in the descent to the Filmoor-Standschützenhütte – you will repeatedly find relics from the First World War.

At the nice, small Filmoor-Standschützenhütte, you can fortify yourself for the last section of the trail. This leads along the Carnic High Trail, no. 403, past the Obere Stuckensee lake over the Heretriegel into the Tilliacher Tal valley to the Porzehütte hut, which nestles picturesquely in the alpine landscape below the Tilliacher Joch.

Many greetings

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