Etappe 5 der DOLOMITEN OHNE GRENZEN Wanderung führt auf die Rotwand und bis hinunter zur Bertihütte

The mountain festival is behind us: today we are off on stage 5 of the total of nine stages of the DOLOMITES WITHOUT FRONTIERS mountain and via ferrata circuit.

2 countries – 9 stages – 12 via ferratas – 17 huts – 108 kilometres

The 12 via ferratas connect Italy and Austria. Each one is special: either from a historical or an alpinistic point of view.

If you click on the picture, you can see the whole map:


So today we present to you the fifth stage.

Die Etappe 1 – Rifugio Lunelli – Rifugio Berti/Rifugio Carducci findest Du hier.
You can get to stage 2 – Rifugio Carducci – Dreizinnenhütte – this way.
Click here for stage 3 – Dreizinnenhütte – Zsigmondyhütte.

Stage 4 – Zsigmondyhütte – Rotwandwiesenhütte

Stage 5 – Rotwandwiesenhütte – Bertihütte

Route length8,0 km
Altitude2.927 m
Duration8:00 Hours
Recommended seasonJuly till October

Route description

The fifth stage of the via ferrata circuit “Dolomites without Borders” leads up to the Rotwand. At 2,936 m, it forms the eastern cornerstone of the Sesto Dolomites and naturally offers a stunning panorama. In addition, relics from the 1st World War can be found here again and again. The descent is via the Zandonella via ferrata (difficulty C) to the Berti Hut.

From the Rotwand meadows, initially follow trail no. 100 back south. At the signposts, turn left onto the Rotwand via ferrata (A,B), which first leads uphill over the Rotwandköpfe to the Anderter Scharte at 2,698m.

Then head to the summit of the Croda Rossa di Sesto at 2,936 m. The Rotwand via ferrata (B) is an extremely popular via ferrata. At the beginning you have to overcome a steep ascent by means of ladders. This is followed by some walking passages, partly in exposed terrain. Alpine experience and sure-footedness are a prerequisite for this route, especially as you often encounter hard fields of old snow on the northern flank. Many historical traces point to the First World War, but the view is magnificent.

The descent is via the Zandonella via ferrata (B,C). The via ferrata is secured over long stretches with a well-tensioned steel rope.

Finally, follow the signs for the Lunelli Hut and join trail 101, which leads down through the Valon Popera to the Berti Hut at 1,950m.

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Many greetings

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog

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