The Resia Lake’s race – a race for everyone

Rescchenseelauf 2021 - H&H Shop wünscht allen Sportlern viel Spaß

South Tyrol’s most emotional run – the Resia Lake’s race

Lake Resia is world-famous. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, it is the largest lake in South Tyrol. Secondly, a church tower rises from its centre. That certainly makes it unique.

A beautiful walking path leads around Lake Resia. It invites you to cycle, hike and, above all, run. The 15.3 km long lake circuit is one of the most beautiful routes for a running event in South Tyrol.

A magnificent panorama presents itself towards the north in the direction of Austria and Switzerland, a unique view opens up towards the south with a view of Ortler and Königspitze. The start and finish areas for the Reschenseelauf are located directly by the historic church tower in the lake in Graun.

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The history of the Resia Lake’s race

Who would have imagined after the first edition with 158 athletes that the number of participants could be continuously increased every year. The greatest optimists could not have foreseen this. In the meantime, we have reached 4,000 participants and this number can hardly be surpassed.

On 17 July 2021 the running shoes will be laced up again

The time has come again on 17 July 2021. The Reschenseelauf 2021 will start.

The lake circuit is a scenic treat for every participant. A special highlight is the crossing of the 460-metre-long imposing dam.

At the Resia Lake Race, the Olympic idea of “BEING THERE IS EVERYTHING” is what counts. Therefore, both the ambitious runner and the pure hobby runner will find their starting place. Every participant is a winner, everyone who does not take part has missed something great in their life.

Main run

Any runner with a club membership and a sports doctor’s certificate can take part in the main race over 15.3 km. Participants will be divided into 13 categories (female and male).

Just for Fun Run

All hobby runners (also without club membership) and all runners without a medical certificate can participate in the Just for Fun race. There are no categories and no award ceremony, but the personal time will be measured and announced.

Nordic Walking

In addition to runners, Nordic walkers are also welcome at the Reschenseelauf.
Participants will be classified in a single category (age group 1900 to 2005).


The handbiker category is an important part of the event. The group of handbikers starts shortly before the main run and is thus frenetically cheered on by the audience.

Kids’ race

The youngsters between the ages of 8 and 16 own the start and finish area at lunchtime. Depending on the age, different course lengths are run and every child is cheered on by the many spectators and therefore feels like a winner. The children are rewarded with many surprises at the finish and at the award ceremony.

The official soundtrack for the Reschenseelauf

The most emotional run in South Tyrol even has its own soundtrack. With the recordings really goosebumps pure.

So, have you caught the running bug?

You still have the opportunity to register here until 13 July.

Wish you much joy

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