Mountain juniper – The medicinal plant from the high altitudes

The mountain juniper, also called dwarf juniper or cranewitt, is a variety of the commonly known juniper. It belongs to the cypress family and is found in the Alpine region at altitudes of 2,000 metres and above. Due to the altitude of its habitat and the environmental conditions to which it is exposed there, the mountain juniper – compared to the conventional juniper – has some very different, particularly valuable ingredients.

Valuable ethereal oil

The essential oil of the mountain juniper is a rarity. In South Tyrol, the mountain juniper is harvested regularly and in a controlled manner to preserve the pastures, which is very laborious. To produce one litre of oil, around two tonnes of plant material are distilled. To do this, they are gently distilled in an oil distillery using traditional steam distillation. The result is a wonderfully walnut and woody fragrance.

Juniper is said to have a refreshing and life-enhancing effect.

Juniper works

stimulates liver and pancreas
antibacterial, e.g. for bladder infections
Tissue tightening
stimulating, activating and protective

This is how juniper can be used

In the fragrance lamp:

Fill your fragrance lamp with enough water and add two to four drops of the essential oil. After a short time, you will notice how the room climate noticeably changes and how positive energy spreads.

In the kitchen:

Mountain juniper is a great spice for coke dishes, but it also goes well with fish and game and aids digestion.

The juniper berries from the South Tyrolean mountains are contained, for example, in herbal salt and give every dish a rustic, spicy note, but you can also flavour the food. For about 100g, two to three drops of the ethereal juniper oil are sufficient.

In the massage oil:

To make your own massage oil, add about 20 drops of the essential oil to about 100 ml of neutral massage oil and mix. Now simply massage it into the areas to be massaged. Alternatively, you can of course also use juniper ointment.

In the bathtub:

Take 100 g of salt and mix it with 15 drops of juniper oil. Now pour in warm bath water and add about three tablespoons of the salt mixture so that they dissolve. After 20 to 30 minutes of bathing, you will be deeply relaxed.

And if we are honest, we also like juniper in a glass. With ice cubes and tonic.

Have you ever seen or had good experiences with mountain junipers during your hikes through the South Tyrolean mountains? Feel free to let us know.

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