Fritz & Felix – crispy South Tyrolean Schüttelbrot

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The story of Fritz & Felix

The smell of bread – spicy and savory – baked with love in the oven to share with loved ones, has accompanied the company since its beginnings.

In 1960 Johann Reichhalter took up the profession of baker. He developed a great enthusiasm for bread, which eventually led to the establishment of his own bakery in Rentsch, a fourth of Bolzano, in 1972. Of particular importance to Johann was the satisfaction of his customers and their praise for the baked goods he produced with passion. Both increased from year to year and the bakery became an integral part of the Bolzano cityscape.

A few years later, in 1997 to be precise, Erwin Reichhalter, Johann’s son, also joined the company full of enthusiasm and with many innovative ideas to continue the family tradition. Four years later he decided to expand the business and opened the new plant in Barbian, not far from Bolzano.

Today, Erwin has transformed the bakery into a modern company, able to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market, but without neglecting the zeal and passion that are indispensable to produce a high quality product that arrives on our table every day, containing all the customs and quality of South Tyrol.

And the baked goods from Fritz & Felix have long been known beyond the borders of South Tyrol. Over 1 million packages of Schüttelbrot and other pastries leave the factory every year.

The history of the Schüttelbrot

But why does this crispy and spicy Schüttelbrot actually exist?

The popular South Tyrolean bread has its peculiar name due to the way it is prepared.
The thin flatbread is made from a soft rye dough. After ¾ fermentation, the dough pieces are “flattened” by means of a round board and manual skill and then baked.

In earlier times, farmers were self-sufficient and on farms bread was baked only a few times a year. The problem of shelf life arose. Farmers left the soft dough to cook for a very long time until it became large and flat. This bread shape proved to be the ideal form for drying and storing the bread. During baking, the natural moisture of the dough escapes and the result is a thin, crispy, flavorful bread that can be kept for a long time. 

Schüttelbrot TODAY

Nowadays, Schüttelbrot is an ideal snack for the small hunger in between, as an ingredient in soups, as an aperitif pastry with a glass of Prosecco. But where it should not be missing is at a good South Tyrolean Marende with bacon, sausage, cheese, butter, beer and wine. 

For us personally, the products and especially the Schüttelbrot from Fritz & Felix are among the best. Therefore, we are also very happy to offer you a very large selection in our H&H Shop.

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