#tysddist: Eating Schlutzkrapfen at the Wirtshaus Vögele in Bolzano

Das Gasthaus Vögele in Bozen

…or whatever you feel like! It all tastes great!

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Today we continue with Wirtshaus Vögele in Bolzano. One of our Facebook followers is firmly convinced that the best Schlutzer (doughnuts) in all of South Tyrol are served here. We don’t want to deprive you of this tip and introduce you to the inn with a long history and tradition and give you a little taste of what awaits you there.

A house with history: Vögele in Bolzano

The day before yesterday “Behausung Nummer 3”, yesterday “Roter Adler” & today “Vögele”.

The house that now houses the Vögele inn was built near the fruit market in Bolzano as early as 1277. In 1871 Alois Kaumann bought the building and the “Behausung Nr. 3” became the property of the Kaumann family.

In 1895, the “Vögele” regulars’ table meets there for the first time and from then on always meets at lunchtime: the gentlemen’s circle consists of lawyers, businessmen, professors and representatives from business and politics.

Tourism picks up thanks to the Brenner railway line and the “Roter Adler” inn becomes a popular place to stop. Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stopped here, as Albert Stolz records in one of his paintings. There Goethe sits at the table with a glass of wine.

Goethe as a guest at the “Vögele”, painted by Albert Stolz

In 1910, Franz Kamaun took over his father’s inn, which the fascists revoked the inn’s licence in 1939 and banned the name “Roter Adler”. At this time, the name “Vögele” was coined and this name is still used today.

In 1959 Karl Kamaun took over the “Vögele” in the third generation. The art-loving innkeeper is himself a painter and very popular with regular guests from near and far.

The Alber family takes over the traditional house

In 1993, the young couple Birgitt and Willy Alber took over the inn as tenants. With good cuisine, exquisite wines and a lot of commitment, they turn the “Vögele” into a popular trendy pub where all generations feel at home. The restaurant quickly became too small and three more rooms were added to the first floor of the building in 1995.

In 2005, the owner and innkeeper Karl Kamaun passes away. His daughters Karin and Renate continue to run the family estate in his spirit.

The four paintings by Adolf Stolz will be restored in 2008 and the cultural value of the house secured.

In 2012, the tenants and owners are thanked for their “exceptional understanding of the preservation of South Tyrolean gastronomic history”: In the context of the competition “Historic Inn of the Year”, the inn is awarded a prize.

In honourem Karl Kamaun 2016, the young Bolzano architecture studio noa* is remodelling the restaurant on the second floor. A tribute to Karl Kamaun, the former landlord of the restaurant.

The Vögele is celebrating!

At Vögele, celebrations are celebrated as they fall. The charity white sausage party at Christmas, the New Year’s Eve party and the carnival party have become legendary.

The best comes at the end: The Schlutzer

On the Vögele menu you’ll find lots of really appealing dishes, including very, very tasty Schlutzer. With parmesan and melted butter with crispy strips of bacon.

Schlutzer bei Vögele: Mit Parmesan und flüssiger Butter mit knusprigen Speckstreifen

Well, are you hungry now? Then why not reserve a table at Gasthaus Vögele!

I wish you bon appétit

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom suedtirol-daheim.com Blog

Many thanks to Famile Alber for providing the pictures and texts.

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