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culturamartell das Besucherzentrum im Martellartal

The visitor center culturamartell in Martell

Around the world of mountain farmers in the National Park in the past and today

In Martell there is the third of the five visitor centers in the Stilfserjoch National Park, which we would like to introduce to you here step by step. In the culturamartell in the Martell Valley, the focus is on the mountain farming landscape in the National Park and thus also on the life of the mountain farmers over the centuries. It can also be called a “modern” museum of local history.

In the culturamartell there is a permanent exhibition that shows, among other things, the mountain farm as a model of a self-sufficient farm. It tells of the life of its inhabitants, of the arduous work, the many hardships and the migration; but also of happy hours and how this original, high alpine valley, which today is a busy valley with many visitors, is making itself fit for the future.


Rural culture and cultural landscape – yesterday and today.

Do you know the Martell Valley? It is strongly characterized by mountain agriculture and the hard life of the mountain farmers has produced the Martell people. In the exhibition, valley inhabitants tell through audio and video installations about the arduous work on the mountain, customs, traditions and funny incidents.
The heart of the exhibition is the living room, as in the everyday life of the farmers. Diverse and sometimes obscure are customs, folk beliefs and religious methods with which the mountain farmers faced the forces of nature.

An archaeological find (Early Bronze Age full hilt dagger) from the Hintere Martelltal, which has been on display in culturamartell since July 2014, shows how important the Martelltal was even then for summer pasture farming and trade.

Flowers – Meadows – Life

Colorful flowers and butterflies as far as the eye can see. The special exhibition plays on the flora and fauna in the meadows. Here it becomes clear why flower meadows are considered the hotspots of biodiversity in Europe.

Here again the opening hours and contact details of culturamartell

Currently, the culturamartella is unfortunately closed, but it will open its doors again for you on May 3, 2022.

Visitor center culturamartell
Trattla 246
39020 Martell
T +39 0473 745027

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can visit the culturamatella visitor center, but we really recommend it. It is really impressive to see how strenuous the work of the mountain farmers was and still is today.

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