The Spring Valley in South Tyrol – A sea of flowers in winter

Das Frühlingstal in Südtirol - Ein Blumenmeer im Winter

In many places, the ski slopes still have great snow conditions and offer pure fun on the descent. But there is one place in South Tyrol where spring has already arrived. There, the first snowdrops and liverworts are already sticking their heads out of the ground and offering a great play of colours in the spring valley. It won’t be long before they are followed by crocuses, violets, primroses and lungworts, as well as pasque flower and anemones.

The Spring Valley, or Fabión Valley, is located near Lake Kaltern and is a climatic natural phenomenon and a real botanical sight. A beautiful biotope and recreational area. Its location in a marshy hollow favours it climatically: warm air flows from the south directly into the valley, and the landscape blossoms around the small Angelbach stream. Alders grow all around. Of course, this area is under nature protection. Nevertheless, there is a wonderful hiking trail from the Great Montiggl Lake in Eppan over the Mitterberg to the basin of Lake Kaltern in Kaltern.

A wonderful hike through the spring valley

The approximately 12-kilometre hike through the Spring Valley has no great difference in altitude and is particularly popular with families and also amateur photographers.

The practical starting point is the car park in Montiggl, an idyllic little village in the municipality of Eppan. Already at the car park you will discover the first sign pointing the way to the Spring Valley. The trail leads without any further deviations over the Mitterberg to the basin of Lake Kaltern.

Lily of the valley, crocuses and many other spring flowers accompany you with their beautiful colours and scents. At the end of the spring valley, follow the path in the direction of Lake Kaltern. Cross a forest path and vineyards to reach an asphalt road, where you turn right and follow it briefly until you reach a fork to the left.

Here on the eastern shore of Lake Kaltern, the signposts show you the way to the western shore as far as Gasthof Geier. After a stop at one of the inns on Lake Kaltern, the same path leads you back to your starting point in Montiggl.

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