The South Tyrolean Vernatsch Cup 2022

Vernatsch Cup 2022

Which are the best Vernatsch wines?

Vernatsch has been native to our country for over 1,000 years and is an independent South Tyrolean grape variety with relatively large berries and a thin skin. This makes it also very tasty as a table grape. The light red wines are very uncomplicated and pleasantly fruity with a very low acid value.

Vernatsch plays a dominant role in South Tyrol. Just under 30 percent of the total cultivated area is currently planted with Vernatsch.

Vernatsch is also found in individual vineyards in Trentino and is called Schiava there. In Germany, Vernatsch is widespread as Trollinger in Württemberg. The name Trollinger refers to the origin of the variety: originally it was called Tirolinger, which later became Trollinger.

The team around the Vernatsch Cup

The South Tyrolean Vernatsch Cup was founded by Ulrich Ladurner, Othmar Kiem and Günther Hölzl. Their goal was, and still is, to promote quality Vernatsch. At the end of May 2022, the time had come once again: in a multi-stage selection process, an international jury chose from
80 wines to select the “Vernatsch of the Year”.
In order to do justice to the diversity and the different characteristics of the Verntasch wines, the wines in the “Classic” category were tasted and evaluated separately according to region.

The “Expression” category includes Vernatsch wines in which the vintners’ passion and the characteristics of the site are fully expressed. The vintages ranged from 2021 to 2016.

Vernatsch of the Year 2022″ was awarded:

in the category “Classic

In the category “Expression

Which is your favourite Vernatsch?

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