Snowshoe hike to the Rastner Hut

Schneeschuhwanderung zur Rastnerhütte

Have you ever done a snowshoe hike? This is really a great experience and you get much closer to nature. Far away from the tracked hiking trails.

For starters, we would like to introduce you to an easy snowshoe hike that takes you across the wonderful high plateau of the Rodenecker and Lüsner Alm to the Rastnerhütte.On both alpine pastures there are no lifts and so it is still a bit more untouched here than elsewhere.

The starting point of our snowshoe hike is the Zumis parking lot. Here you strap on your snowshoes and off you go. The beautiful winter landscape will immediately immerse you in your adventure. On the almost flat path no. 4, where the cross-country skiing track of the Lüsner Alm also starts, you trudge into the alpine pasture area. At first, the route still goes along the path, then it goes through the snow-covered forest.

Then you will soon pass the Ronerhütte, where you can also stop for a bite to eat. Continue to the Pianer Kreuz, a small chapel that stands in the middle of the idyllic winter landscape. Pass the chapel and follow the turnoff to the Rastner hut. Leave it to the left and turn off at the next possibility in the direction of this refreshment stop. After a refreshment at the hut, continue on trail no. 68 B, which leads through the snow-covered forest back to trail no. 2. The way back is via this path, or slightly off it, to fully enjoy the possibilities the snowshoes offer.

Ganuz near the Rastner Hut is the turnoff to the Astjoch, which can be reached via hiking trail no. 67. The Astjoch is very popular with snowshoe hikers, as it offers a great view for its relatively low altitude.

Before any snowshoe hike, be sure to check the weather on site and don’t be afraid to seek out an experienced tour guide.

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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