Shell Stones of Sesto – a place of power from times gone by

Places of power on the Sesto Meditation Trail

In South Tyrol there are a multitude of power spots and places of power from which a special energy is radiated.

A very powerful place for me, which invites you to listen to the silence of nature and to listen to yourself, are the Sesto Shell Stones (Schalensteine) and the “Sonnenwendplatzl”. They can be found along the Sesto Meditation Trail.

This is an easy but beautiful and varied trail with a lot of culture and mysticism, which offers wonderful views of our Sesto Dolomites. Along the way there are figures from various legends that give you an insight into another world. A really great hiking trail, especially for families.

The shell stones – prehistoric finds

But let’s get back to the shell stones. In 1987, on the initiative of the then pastor Küer, who discovered the shell stones, a state archaeologist determined that the finds with the strange depressions were indeed prehistoric shell stones.

The stones are made of mica slate. The large bowl stone has 25 bowls and the small bowl stone has six. The largest bowl has a diameter of 10 cm and is a good 5 cm deep. It is the only bowl with a conical shape. All other shells are flat or hemispherical.

Another stone with a single bowl is found in a nearby wall. And a bowl stone was also found on the rocky church hill in nearby Vierschach.

The hand-made shell stones are among the oldest traces of settlement in our valley. Crazy, isn’t it? A true place of power.

The “Sonnenwendplatzl” – The solstice place

The nearby “Sonnenwendplatz”l, which offers a stunning view of the Sesto mountain sundial, also radiates a mystical power. Was the solstice celebrated here by our ancestors many thousands of years ago?

In any case, the square was beautifully prepared as part of a school project and in cooperation with the municipality of Sesto and the forestry authority, as well as the rifle company and the local heritage society, and invites you to linger, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the past.

See for yourself on a hike! Your

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