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Produkte der Käserei Sexten - exklusiv im H&H Shop erhältlich

Today we would like to introduce you to the Sesto cheese dairy. A cooperative of Sesto farmers that has been in existence for almost 100 years and is an integral and significant part of Sesto.

The farmers of Sesto join forces

In March 1926, a total of 47 farmers from Sesto joined forces with the aim of generating a better income for the farmers by jointly processing and marketing the milk produced mainly on the steep slopes of Sesto and thus preventing the farmers from leaving their mountain farms. The Sexten Gen.m.b.H. cheese cooperative was born.

As early as the founding year, an exchange of buildings was agreed with the local administration of Sesto and a favourable location for the establishment of a processing plant was created. Today, the Sesto cheese dairy is still located in this building, which has been adapted several times to the latest processing technology.

Over the years, the cooperative has developed positively, the number of members and the amount of milk delivered have risen steadily. The Sesto cheese dairy stands for the ideal interplay between tradition and modernity. Over 80 years of cheese craftsmanship combined with high production standards have made the Sesto cheese dairy in South Tyrol a very successful cheese producer.

Milk and traditional recipes as the secret of excellent quality

The many types of cheese are made according to old recipes, using the daily fresh and controlled milk of the mountain farmers of Sesto and processed into cheese according to traditional craftsmanship. The most popular types of cheese are mountain cheese, grey cheese, pole cheese, alpine cheese and farmer’s cheese. The cheese specialities from Sesto have even been awarded prizes at several international fairs and exhibitions.

How is mountain cheese actually made?

Here you can get a glimpse behind the scenes and into the processing of the Sesto cheese dairy.

The Cheese-101

Cream cheese
Fresh cheese includes all varieties that do not require a maturing process and are eaten fresh, such as mozzarella, curd cheese and mascarpone. They have no rind and their flavour is delicate. The higher the fat content, the creamier and finer they are.

Soft cheese
Soft cheese has a slightly higher water content than hard and semi-hard cheeses and, depending on the variety, matures by mould or red smear.

Semi-hard cheese
Semi-hard and semi-hard cheeses are softer and juicier than hard cheeses and – as the name suggests – are easy to cut. Their aroma ranges from mild to spicy.

Hard cheese
These cheeses have a firm consistency and a high dry matter content. The low water content makes them long-lasting and easy to store. The longer they ripen, the more pronounced their taste becomes.

Sour milk cheese
This cheese is made from skimmed milk and therefore contains almost no fat. This includes grey cheese, a typical South Tyrolean speciality.

With our H&H Shop, we are the exclusive partner of the Sexten cheese dairy. When you buy cheese from us, the cheese pieces are freshly cut and vacuumed. This guarantees a long shelf life.

Professional tip for storing cheese

Cheese is a living natural product and a sensitive food due to its constant ripening. To ensure that you can enjoy your cheese for as long as possible, please note that the storage temperature should be between 4 and 9 °C. Temperature fluctuations lead to a wet surface of the cheese. Too cool storage, heat and light damage the quality and taste.

Take a look at our range of products from the Sesto cheese dairy. There is sure to be something to suit your taste!

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