World Music Festival 2021 in Merano

Gartennächte - World Music Festival 2021

Open-air concerts among palm trees and water lilies at Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano

From June to August, the centrepiece of Merano’s botanical gardens, the water lily pond complete with lake stage, is the venue for top-class open-air concerts. In keeping with their motto “Plants from all over the world”, the gardens present concerts with music from different continents.

The open-air concert series has already brought long-established music greats to the stage in the lily pond of the gardens. This year, Shaggy from Jamaica, Passenger from Great Britain and Calypso Rose from Trinidad and Tobago are among those scheduled to perform.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Corona-Situation wurden die Konzerte dieser Bekanntheiten auf das Jahr 2022 verschoben.

However, a great alternative programme was put together with South Tyrolean musicians:

DOMINIK PLANGGER & Claudia Fenzl feat. Joe Chiericati



Tickets cost 15.00 euros each and are available here. Admission is from 7 pm, with the possibility to visit the gardens. The concerts start at 9 pm.

The Garden Nights concerts take place in the natural ambience of the botanical garden, outdoors and in all weathers. Please note that audience seating is limited and not covered.
Many visitors take up the offer of a tour of the garden from 7.00 p.m., so no seating can be guaranteed in the stands around the lily pond.

The special nature of this ambience has shaped the character and flair of the festival and makes the concerts a unique experience! You are welcome to lay out picnic blankets on the green areas around the pond. You will find everything you need for a delicious picnic in our H&H Shop. Please note that you are not allowed to take glass containers onto the event site. There are also some hidden spots around the pond with a good view and very good acoustics.

Only your respect for the plants and for the work of the gardeners of the castle allow us to organise the World Music Festival year after year. It goes without saying that you should take your rubbish with you or simply dispose of it in the rubbish bins provided.

Even if the big stars are not coming to the gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle this year, you can certainly experience some very special hours there. Take a look!

Many greetings

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog

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