The crocus blooms in South Tyrol

Krokuszeit in Südtirol

The crocus belongs to the iris family (Iridaceae) and there are about 235 different species. There are many species of crocus in the Orient, but the pretty ornamental plant is also widespread in Europe, North Africa and as far away as Western China.

Early bloomers with a delay

Here in South Tyrol, the crocus heralds the arrival of spring, as it is one of the early bloomers. In the last weeks of April and the first days of May, entire alpine meadows are transformed into a breathtaking white-purple sea of blossoms. This year the crocus blossom was a little later, because the winter cold and ice and snow lingered in the mountains for a long time.

In the early morning hours, you may even encounter deer and chamois in the crocus meadows, which obviously like the taste of the crocus blossoms.

Many greetings

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