By bike from Sesto to Dobbiaco Lake

Der Toblacher See in seiner vollen Schönheit

Today I enjoyed the (still) nice weather and cycled from Sesto to the nearby Dobbiaco Lake. The path is about 15 kilometres and gives a view of the magnificent Dolomite panorama.

About the Dobbiaco Lake

Lake Dobbiaco lies in the Höhlensteintal valley at 1259 m, in the middle of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park and is protected as a natural monument. The lake, which was formed in ancient times by several rockfalls on its western side, is fed by the Rienz, which rises below the Three Peaks not far from the source of the Drava. Its volume is estimated at 286,000 cubic metres of water. With its diverse shore vegetation, Lake Dobbiaco is ideal for many water birds to rest and nest. Rare migratory birds also like to stop by here in spring and autumn during their migration. After all, the lake is one of the few remaining wetlands in South Tyrol.

At Lake Dobbiaco there is also a nature discovery trail or nature trail, which conveys valuable knowledge about the flora, fauna and geomorphology of the area in 11 stations. On the western shore of the lake, a viewing platform offers a magnificent view of the flora and fauna.

In summer, Lake Dobbiaco offers cool refreshment while swimming. Boat trips and fishing (with the appropriate licence) are also permitted.

The surroundings

Dobbiaco is also home to the Three Peaks Alpine Dairy, a cooperative of surrounding dairy farmers that has been in existence since 1882. Today, the approximately180 members from the surrounding area keep around 2,500 dairy cows, which produce an average of 30,000 litres of milk per day. This is the source of the delicious products of the Drei Zinnen alpine dairy. You will find a large selection of cheese specialities and butter in our H&H Shop.

We would also like to introduce you to our producers and suppliers in this blog. Soon you will be able to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the traditional Alpine dairy Drei Zinnen and the cheese production. Be curious!

Until then, have a good time, your

Unterschrift Harald vom Blog
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