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The naturatrafoi visitor center on the Stelvio road

In the visitor center naturatrafoi everything revolves around life in the high alpine Rau, on the border in the National Park.

The naturatrafoi visitor center in the village of Trafoi is located directly on the famous Stelvio Pass road. Here, as a visitor, you will learn about the sometimes extreme living conditions in the national park, which demand a lot from the animals and plants in terms of survival strategies. After all, extreme climatic conditions prevail here in the high mountains. You get really fascinating insights into the geology of the Ortles-Cvedale group and learn what plants and animals have come up with to survive here.

Only a few specialists manage to successfully defy the inhospitable and harsh conditions above the timberline.

Impressive pictures on display boards, the exhibition cinema as well as rocks and skins to touch let you dive deep into the “life on the border”. For the little visitors there are quiz games, fairy tale listening stations as well as a rock puzzle to actively “grasp”.

The larch – light child of the Alps

The larch needs a lot of light to grow and is therefore also called the light child. It is the only native coniferous tree that loses its needles in winter. The wood of the larch is highly valued because it is very durable and weatherproof. But what is the “Lörget” of the larch? This and other questions are answered by the new special exhibition about the larch in the national park house naturatrafoi.

Contact & Opening hours

On December 28, the visitor center naturatrafoi opens its doors again and is open for you Tuesdays to Saturdays from 09:30 to 12:30 and from 14:30 to 18:00.

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