The sky of St. Michael Eppan is colourful!

Bunter Himmel St. Michael Eppan

St. Michael lies at an altitude of 411 m above sea level and is the main town and centre of the municipality of Eppan. Actually, everyone who says “Eppan” usually means the village of St. Michael. Even though our provincial capital, Bolzano, is just around the corner at a distance of only 9 kilometres, St. Michael is not only a popular holiday resort, but also ideal for a shopping spree.

Every Tuesday, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to visit the market at the car park in front of the parish church and find a bargain or two. A stroll through the narrow alleys and a cappuccino on the town hall square is a must.

Recently, lots of colourful umbrellas have been dancing over the alleys of St. Michael.

The aim of the art installation “Hanging Umbrellas” is to bring colour into life and to Eppan and to put a smile on the faces of passing residents and tourists. Every “Long Wednesday” the umbrellas are additionally illuminated.

The focus is on the shopping experience and culinary delights. The shops in the village are open until 10 pm and some even until 11 pm. Enjoy, shop, stroll and have a good glass of wine, for example from the Winery St. Michael Appiano.

Come by and see the colour spectacle for yourself. Every Wednesday in July and August.


Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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