The three most beautiful toboggan runs in South Tyrol

Die drei schönsten Rodelstrecken in Südtirol

So really tobogganing. so not only the small house mountain downbrettern, but a long toboggan run with rapid curves, steep slopes and long straights, that brings really fun. And not just for the kids!

We have put together our three favorite toboggan runs for you. Maybe you already know one or the other? Or maybe you have an insider tip for us that we don’t know. Feel free to write us and we will try it out.

The Rotwand toboggan run in Sesto – Our home run

The five-kilometer-long and perfectly groomed slope leads through the beautiful snow-covered winter forest. The easiest way to get up the mountain is with the comfortable Rotwandwiesen cable car. Once at the top, you can not only enjoy the wonderful view of the Sesto Dolomites. You can even make the acquaintance of reindeer from Scandinavia, which have found their new home here.

Equipped with a helmet and a nimble toboggan, you’re ready to go. The descent is classified as medium to difficult and there are almost 700 meters of altitude difference before you arrive at the valley station in Moos. As you can see on the video, which we found on youtube, you’re pretty nippy here.

RudiRun in the Eisack Valley – the longest toboggan run in South Tyrol

The longest toboggan run in South Tyrol and one of the longest in Europe is the RudiRun: nine kilometers of tobogganing fun lie ahead of you! From the mountain station of the Plose cable car, the RudiRun leads you in many curves around 1,000 meters in altitude down to St. Andrä.

You can reach the RudiRun toboggan run and the natural toboggan runs in the Plose area quite comfortably by cable car: One ascent and descent daily is even free with the BrixenCard. And you can also rent a toboggan at a reduced price at the valley station of the Plose cable car.

We have also found a small video about the RudiRun. It also shows you a few tobogganing rules that are important on all toboggan runs.

BRIMI Winter Run – the toboggan run with mountain hut magic

The Brimi Winter Run promises exuberant tobogganing fun, which leads from the mountain station Gitschberg Nesselhütte to Meransen in the village. With a length of 6.75 km, the Brimi Winter Run is also one of the longest toboggan runs in South Tyrol. The great thing is that the run is divided into two sections.

Section 1 leads from the Nesselhütte to the middle station of the Nesselbahn (3.8 km). Here, the magic of the hut entices many to take a short break before continuing with section 2. This leads from the middle station of the Nesselbahn down into the valley to Meransen (3.8 km). You can rent a toboggan at the bottom station of the cable car in Meransen or the Nesselbahn.

Safty first – even when tobogganing

For everyone’s safety, we have once again picked out for you the rules of conduct for tobogganers, because the internationally recognized FIS rules of conduct also apply to toboggan runs.

  • Consideration for other tobogganers: Through responsible behavior, no one comes to harm.
  • Controlled speed: Adapt speed and riding style to your own ability and to the track conditions (snow and weather). Keep a safe distance of at least 8 meters.
  • Lane and crossings: The faster sledder must not endanger the slower one. Pay attention to signs especially at intersections with trails and ski slopes.
  • Overtaking: Only in clear places, at a safe distance and moderate speed.
  • Stopping: Only in clear places. In case of a fall, leave narrow places as quickly as possible.
  • Ascent & descent: Sledding on ski slopes is prohibited. Never toboggan head first. Special attention is required on night descents.
  • Observe signs and markings: Observe signs and markings.
  • Fall: Hold the toboggan by the straps, secure the accident site and help injured persons.
  • Equipment: Suitable, sturdy footwear with good sole profile (also spikes) is a prerequisite for the safety of all sledders. 
  • Mandatory helmet: For children up to 14 years of age, helmets are required by law. For adults, the helmet is recommended. 

We wish you great tobogganing parties!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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