Airy, light South Tyrolean Strauben with cranberry topping

Südtiroler Strauben

South Tyrolean Strauben remind a little bit of pancakes. They are very popular and widespread in our country.

The Strauben dough is prepared without sugar. The sweetness comes from the topping of cranberries and if you like it even sweeter, you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar. By the way, cranberries are also called “Granten” here in South Tyrol.

Actually, every household in our country has a bouquet funnel. This has a particularly long style, so that you do not burn yourself during preparation on the hot oil in which the bunches are fried. If you don’t have a funnel, use a classic funnel or a milk jug, but please protect your hands and arms from burns.

For 4 South Tyrolean Strauben you need the following ingredients:

3 eggs
20 g butter
250 ml milk
200 g flour
1 pinch of salt
20 ml apricot brandy
400 ml frying fat
powdered sugar to taste
cranberry jam

Now it’s time to prepare the Strauben:

First of all, you need to separate the eggs and put the whites in a mixing bowl. The yolk goes into another mixing bowl. Now whip the egg whites to egg whites and put them aside.

Melt the butter in a small saucepan and in the meantime mix the egg yolks with the milk, flour and a pinch of salt. Add the melted butter and the apricot brandy to this mixture.

Mix the dough until it is completely smooth and free of lumps.

Now heat the frying fat in a high pot to about 170 degrees Celsius and fold the beaten egg into the batter.

Now hold the (bouquet) funnel over your pot of hot fat and ladle in the batter. Spiral the batter into the hot fat. Bake the strauben until they are evenly golden brown on both sides. Turn them carefully in between.

Take the bunches out of the hot fat with tongs or a skimmer and let them drain on kitchen paper. While still hot, sprinkle them with powdered sugar (if you like) and serve with a blob of cranberry jam.

Enjoy it!

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