South Tyrolean farmer toast according to Fritz & Felix

Südtiroler Bauernsandwich

Fritz & Felix stands – far beyond the borders of South Tyrol – not only for the best Schüttelbrot but also for other baked goods. For example, Vinschgerl bread. The Vinschgerle is a traditional bread from the Vinschgau. It is a mixed rye bread with fennel and caraway spices and is perfect for a hearty meal in between or a snack in the evening.

For example, also for a South Tyrolean farmer’s toast, which you can also get in many South Tyrolean bars. But here is the simple recipe from Fritz & Felix, with which you can also enjoy a farmer toast at home.

Per South Tyrolean farmer toast bwz. per person you need:

This is how you prepare your South Tyrolean farmer’s toast:

Cut the Vinschgerl bread horizontally and spread it with some butter, ketchup or a dip or chutney of your choice. Now place the bacon and cheese slices on one side of the bread and place the bread halves in the oven at 200° C for 5 – 6 minutes.

Then place the tomato slices, onion rings and lettuce leaves on top. You can enjoy the bread halves either individually or folded together.

And if you’re really hungry, you can fry up a fried egg and put it on top.

Many thanks to Fritz & Felix for this simple but so delicious recipe. Enjoy it!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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