The red wines of South Tyrol

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We have already introduced you to South Tyrolean white wines and the autochthonous wine varieties of South Tyrol. What is still missing are the red wines. They have tradition and future potential.

Because here in South Tyrol, no fashionable wines mature, but authentic wines with their own unique character. These include long-established red wines as well as international growths. The classic Bordeaux varieties such as Merlot or Cabernet have been native to South Tyrol since 1890. It is not uncommon for South Tyrolean wines – whether red or white – to receive international awards and be among the best in the world.

The Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is the secret majesty among South Tyrol’s red wines. Its intense aroma of red and dark berries, the scents of cloves and violets as well as its soft, elegant fullness give it presence with class. Its representatives from Mazon near Neumarkt and from Glen and Pinzon near Montan are particularly well known, but it also causes a sensation in Vinschgau with its idiosyncratic facets. The most important Italian wine guides attest South Tyrol the best Pinot Noirs south of the Alps. That is terrific!

Pinot Noir goes perfectly with game, suckling lamb, rabbit or even hard cheese.

The Merlot

Merlot – together with other Bordeaux varieties – was first planted in South Tyrol about 130 years ago. And it seems to like it here. The early-maturing variety brings out its intense aromas of blackberry, blackcurrant, roasted plums and spices in fruity, full-bodied wines. Merlot lovers will be delighted by this full-bodied red with its ripe tannins and southern charm. A sensual and soft wine pleasure!

A Merlot goes excellently with veal, game, beef and of course also with hard cheese.

The Cabernet

The Cabernet has pepper. But its spicy character enters into a fascinating symbiosis with the full, soft aromas of blackcurrants and blackberries. Yes, at times there are also cocoa and tobacco notes. This makes it a particularly profound wine that needs nothing more than rest and some time to reveal its charisma. This powerful red gains depth with each passing year.

You should open a bottle of Cabernet when game, lamb or a classic fish dish is on the table. Of course, it also goes well with hard cheese.

The Rose Muscat

The rose muscatel came to South Tyrol from Sicily 125 years ago. The full-bodied, aromatic and complex sweet wine is a sought-after speciality. Its intense aroma of rose petals, lime blossom and nutmeg as well as its pleasant fruity sweetness make it a noble companion to South Tyrolean desserts. Demanding in cultivation, this wine variety produces only very low yields. The naturally sweet grapes are fermented like a red wine.

The rose nutmeg plate is the perfect accompaniment to desserts.

As you can see, we really do have a lot of different types of wine. Which is your favourite? Or your favourite wine? Feel free to leave us a comment.

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