Mountain biking in Vinschgau

Mountainbiking im Vinschgau

As you know, I love to be out and about in our beautiful South Tyrolean nature. Today I set off on my mountain bike for the Vinschgau Valley. On the trail of spring, past Goldrain and Untermontani Castle, among other places.

Goldrain is a small village on the Vinschgau Sonnenberg. It is idyllically situated there, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, and belongs to the municipality of Latsch. The village is named after Castle Goldrain, which dates back to the 12th century. In the 15th century, the estate was transformed into a magnificent Renaissance-style castle. Today the castle is used as an educational centre.

I also passed by Untermontani Castle. A small castle complex that also belongs to the municipality of Latsch.

Mountain biking in the Vinschgau Valley is absolutely recommendable. The tours are winding through forests and across meadows and alpine pastures – and offer impressive views of the surrounding mountain ranges and peaks. I have captured a few of these views for you.

The mountain bike tours in the Vinschgau Valley are, by the way, very well signposted according to the MTB guidance system. uniformly signposted. In addition, the entire Vinschgau Valley from the Reschen Pass to the Texel Group is mapped by GPS.

Many greetings and Pfiati!

Unterschrift Harald vom Blog
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