The marsh marigolds are in bloom

Die Sumpfdotterblumen in Südtirol blluehen

When the first marsh marigolds bloom, it has a very special meaning: spring is here in South-Tyrol!

This year, the Caltha paulustris is a little later than usual. Often the first specimens are already shining golden yellow at the end of March at springs and streams. That makes my heart beat faster. Because as much as I like the South Tyrolean winter and all the activities, spring is something very special.

By the way, there used to be a superstition that marsh marigolds collected on Walpurgis would keep witches away if they were scattered in front of the door of the cattle shed. They were also fed to the cattle so that the butter would have a beautiful yellow colour all year round. This is probably why they are called buttercups in some places.

I’m definitely going to enjoy a slice of fresh bread with golden South Tyrolean butter now.

Enjoy yourselves too, your

Unterschrift Harald vom suedtirol-daheim Blog
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