The South Tyrolean Chestnut Experience Trail in Völlan

Der Kastanienerlebnisweg in Völlan

Experience chestnuts – hiking trail for young and old

The South Tyrolean Chestnut Experience Trail is located in the middle of the small village of Völlan, above the town of Lana. The starting point of the approx. 2 km long, easily accessible and flat circular trail can be seen from afar. It is an oversized wooden sculpture of a “Keschtnigl” – a chestnut igloo. The circular trail leads through the picturesque area of the traditionally cultivated chestnut groves of Völlan.

There is much to learn on the Chestnut Experience Trail

At various stations, some of which are even interactive, hikers young and old can learn a lot about the chestnut. From the wood of the tree to diseases and biodiversity, there is information along the way.

The total of ten experience elements convey between history, science and curiosities sthe importance of the sweet chestnut and the chestnut tree for the people of South Tyrol.

In the past, lean centuries, the noble fruit in its spiked dress served as a staple food, because not only bread and cake can be made from the chestnut and chestnut flour, but also pasta, gnocchi and polenta. The chestnut was also a coffee substitute, its tart honey is still particularly popular today, and as a protein-rich side dish it ensured the survival of the population in times of crisis. Then, in the 19th century, disease-related chestnut die-offs set in throughout Europe, leading to the decimation of the fruit and the suppression of its importance, which only resumed after the world wars.

If you want to explore all the adventure elements in depth, you will need about one and a half hours for the Chestnut Experience Trail.

By the way, you can park very well in the car park by the church. From there you walk about 700 m along the Probst-Wieser-Weg. After the sports field you can already see the huge “Keschtnigl” and the chestnut experience trail begins shortly after the Weinreichhof.

Here you will certainly also learn a lot about the chestnut. Have fun!

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