Bressanone Water Lights Festival 2022 – Art, light and water

Brixen Water Light Festival

Art, light and water and a head full of dreams and thoughts. Being free and letting oneself fall, drifting on the surface of the water, submerging and carrying the light within. Being critical and playful, a rollercoaster of emotions. To cry out and to remain within oneself, to have fun with life, to see the world. And understand it?

The Bressanone Water Light Festival will continue until 22 May 2022. Now in its 4th edition, the festival will be extended to include installations in Franzensfeste, Ratschings and Neustift. Local and international artists will transform the various water locations into a sea of light with their creative ideas and installations. Reflections on ecological, economic and social aspects around the topic of water are the basis of their artistic work.

More than 20 fountains, the confluence of the Eisack and Rienz rivers and other cultural and historical treasures are reinterpreted and highlighted with various light and art works.

Under the motto “Water is life – light is art”, an art trail has thus been created in Brixen’s old town. The various works of art are connected by a 3.2 km long blue line. Follow the line and let it guide you through the festival. You can find all the locations of the installations here.

Under the motto “Water is life – light is art”, a unique atmosphere is created that enables a new experience of the water places. 

The Bressanone Water Light Festival takes you as far as you can drift, in the whirlpool of life, in the non-resistance of reality.

Have fun diving in!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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