Speck Alto Adige PGI – What does this abbreviation mean?

South Tyrolean Speck PGI? Do you know the meaning of this abbreviation?

So let’s do a little commodity science today:

The South Tyrolean mark burnt into the rind seals the genuine South Tyrolean Speck PGI. The abbreviation PGI stands for “protected geographical indication”, a seal awarded by the European Union for products that are produced according to traditional methods in a specific area.

South Tyrolean Speck PGI thus stands for ham from the lean leg of pork, produced according to the principle: little salt, little smoke, lots of fresh mountain air and even more time. The slightly cold-smoked drumsticks mature for at least 22 weeks before they can be named after their origin, South Tyrol.

The slightly salty taste of South Tyrolean Speck PGI unfolds perfectly in summer with the juicy sweetness of melons, for example. But a special highlight is the combination with grilled melons that almost melt in your mouth. We like Galia melons or the cantaloupe melons best, but Charentais melons also go very well.

Try it once. Of course you can find South Tyrolean bacon PGI in our shop. We have bacon from the best butchers in South Tyrol – in one piece or already sliced and vacuum-packed for you.

How do you like South Tyrolean bacon best? Classically with the Marende? As a bacon dumpling? We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps there is a recipe you would like us to create for you.

Many greetings

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom suedtirol-daheim.com Blog

Foto: https://www.metzgerei-steiner.it/

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