ASFALTART 2022: The international street artists’ festival in Merano


It began in 2006 as a bold idea and has developed over time into one of the most colourful, innovative and diverse street art festivals in Italy and now enchants thousands of visitors to the city of Merano with its charm year after year.

The 16th edition of the street art festival Asfaltart finally wants to present the event as we know it.

Local artists from home and abroad return, and the shows will take place for three days in the squares and streets of Merano. The performances at the Puccini Municipal Theatre on Saturday and Sunday are also worth a visit.

The following companies in particular are worthy of mention…:
Full House Duo Henry Camus and Gaby Schmutz, he New Yorker, she Swiss, a couple
on stage as in life. Musicians, acrobats, jugglers and comedians, multi-talents
at the highest level.

The Catalan company Kamchakta immerses the audience completely in its performances.
in their performances. Actors and audience share the stage. Naive and curious. Their emotions
their emotions, they know nothing about our norms, our rules and our way of life.
way of life. The show has been presented in 30 different countries and more than 400 performances since 2007.
performances. Awarded the Grand Jury Prize, MiramirO 2008 –
International Street Theatre Festival of Ghent, Belgium.

Circo El Grito is a contemporary circus, but also an ancient one, which
the centuries-old art of circus. The company was founded in 2008 by acrobat Fabiana
Ruiz Diaz and multidisciplinary artist Giacomo Costantini; it has produced and co-produced fifteen shows.
produced and co-produced fifteen shows, ten of which are still on the programme.
ten of which are still on the programme, and has performed more than two thousand shows
can point to.

The event will open on Friday 24 June at 4pm with a parade: led by artistic directors Claudia Bellasi and Jordi Beltramo, followed by the Tilt Youth Centre and the Animativa Circus Support Association, various festival artists and the loyal audience.

New in 2022 is the chill-out area on the upper promenade. Here you can relax, meet the artists and buy drinks and simple take-away food. On the lower promenade there will be a colourful market with exclusively handmade products.

In summary, it can also be expressed like this: ASFALTART is international street art that, with its uniqueness and carefree joie de vivre, sustainably promotes creativity and interaction between people and brings families and people from all age groups closer to the diversity and beauty of street art.

Asfaltart is a GREEN EVENT of the Province of South Tyrol.

To all those going to ASFALTART 2022, we wish you lots of fun and good entertainment!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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