Stress-free in the mountains

When you stand on the mountain, at the very top, take a deep breath and look out into the almost infinite expanse, the stress really falls off you and a feeling of awe and humility spreads.

The mountains are simply good for you!

Researchers have now also found this out, as we recently read in a magazine. The wide view makes negative thoughts recede into the background and those who feel awe no longer perceive their everyday stress, which all of us know, as so burdensome.

The explanation for this was also provided: When we see ourselves confronted with great expanse, we suddenly feel quite small ourselves and this has a calming effect. In fact, it already helps to watch a nature documentary on TV, look at pictures or simply reminisce about such a moment.

Just keep it in mind when things threaten to get stressful again.

Relaxed greetings,

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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