South Tyrolean Knight Games 2021 in Schlunders

Ritterspiele 2021 in Schlunders

Knights’ Games from 20 to 22 August 2021

Schluderns once again offers the ideal backdrop for the South Tyrolean Knights’ Games. In the historical ambience of Churburg Castle, the Lichtenberg castle ruins, Fürstenburg Castle and Marienberg Monastery, spectacular show fights will keep the spectators in suspense from 20 to 22 August 2021.

Proud knights take aim at their opponents. They dash into battle on their dapper horses, lances bursting, armour clanking, the noble lords crowning their victor. Roman chariots race each other, the crowd cheered and marvelled at all kinds of exotic and curious things.

The highlights of the 2021 Knight’s Games

The tournament

Trilogy Part 3: “Finale in the Battle for the Churburg”.
Spectacular jousting and stunt scenes captivate every visitor. The jousting tournament in the arena is the highlight of the event.


Nowhere does the family experience more fun and entertainment than here: Riding camels & donkeys, archery, petting zoo, children’s entertainment, carousels, hay jumping …
All attractions on the grounds are free of charge!


The year is anno domini 285 – all of Raetia is occupied by the Romans. The Roman unit at Ganglegg, near the present-day village of Schluderns, watches over the key with the lion’s head. Roman quadrigas race through the track in the chariot race to win the prized trophy.


May 1499 – The Bündner strike back and invade the Vinschgau! The Tyrolean battle of misfortune takes its inglorious course. The Battle of Calven – Emperor Maximilian’s great defeat claims the death of Fontana.

The move

Versäumt nicht den großen Umzug am Samstag, 21.08.2021 um 10:00 Uhr, durch die Gassen von Schluderns.


Experience live on stage bands from Italy, Belarus and Germany.
Rota Temporis (I), Stary Olsa (BER), Musica Immortalis (D)

Middle Ages Indulgence

In the medieval taverns you will find barrels full of mead, honey wine, cherry beer or similar. The field bakeries bake fresh bread, tasty dinnede, Baumstriezel and all kinds of fragrant pastries. The Hanfbäckerey is a must for every visitor.

In addition to fried and grilled food, regional dishes and desserts are of course not to be missed: Speckknödel, Marillenknödel, Kaiserschmarrn, Kirchtagskrapfen, pasta dishes, Strauben, salads and much more. The festival beer from the special FORST brewery is served freshly tapped in the coveted event mugs.

The market

Embark on the largest medieval market in the Alpine region. The scent of roasted food, spices and goods will fill your nostrils as you wander through the medieval market.

Do you fancy a trip back in time? Then be sure to stop by the Knights’ Festival 2021 in Schlunders. More knightly time simply doesn’t exist.

All information about the programme, tickets and much more can be found on the website of the Ritterspiele 2021.

Have fun

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