The autochthonous wine varieties of South Tyrol

Lagrein und Vernatsch

Last week we introduced you to the South Tyrolean white wine varieties (Part 1 || Part 2) and gave you a small overview of their diversity. Today we want to take a closer look at the two autochthonous varieties Lagrein and Vernatsch.

These two top wines stand for the origin of South Tyrol in a special way. Because they have been expressing the characteristics of the South Tyrolean terroir for over 100 years, Lagrein and Vernatsch have an unmistakable wine identity.

The Lagrein

Hard to imagine, but at the end of the 1970s Lagrein was extinct. Today it is regaining a steadily growing following and accounts for around 9 % (490 hectares )of South Tyrol’s total cultivated area. This autochthonous wine, full of character, has its roots in Bolzano and impresses with its velvety richness and soft acidity. The noble, spicy notes are accompanied by fruity berries, fresh cherries and violets. Aged in small oak barrels, the Lagrein unfolds its elegant, full-bodied body.

There is even a rosé version. In this version it is called “Lagrein Kretzer”.

Lagrein is an excellent accompaniment to game dishes, beef or even South Tyrolean hard cheeses.

The Vernatsch

The Vernatsch has it all! This red, autochthonous leading variety has been native here since the 16th century and is widely cultivated (around 610 hectares). In the last few decades, its area has been drastically reduced and its quality has increased considerably. As a light wine with moderate tannin and floral notes of violets and fresh berries, it is a popular aperitif wine when chilled.

When it comes to food accompaniment, Vernatsch is a real all-rounder. It goes particularly well with traditional South Tyrolean cuisine, Italian pasta dishes, South Tyrolean bacon as well as cheese.

We will look at the other red wine varieties in another article.

Until then, to your health!

Unterschrift Harald und Heinrich vom Blog
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